Paper / letter clips

Paper / letter clips

Paper / Letter Clips

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Clip celco printed tabs 25mm bx14

Additional Information: Get organised with Printed Fold Back Clips ..

$5.07 Ex Tax: $4.61

Clip Printed 25mm bx10

Additional Information:Get organised with Printed Fold Back Clips 25mm box of 10..

$4.54 Ex Tax: $4.13

Foldback clips marbig 25mm coloured h/sell 8's

Additional Information: Assorted colours in a 25mm clip ..

$5.21 Ex Tax: $4.74

Paper clips 28mm small pk 100 - BOX OF 10

PACK OF 100 COMES IN BOX OF 10 X 100..

$4.44 Ex Tax: $4.04

Paper clips 33mm large pk100 - box of 10

Features & Benefits: Quality paper clips Made from heavy steel wire&nb..

$4.82 Ex Tax: $4.38

Paper clips 50mm giant pk100 - BOX OF 10

Features & Benefits:  â€¢  Quality paper clips•  Made from heavy s..

$10.91 Ex Tax: $9.92

Paper clips celco butterfly 35mm bx50

Features & Benefits:•  Quality paper clips•  Made from heavy steel wir..

$6.52 Ex Tax: $5.93

letter clips magnetic sovereign 32mm pk2

Magnetic Letter CLips 32mm pack of 2 for more letter clips call us on (03) 8571-0400&..

$2.21 Ex Tax: $2.01