Post it Notes / Flags

Post it Notes / Flags
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Post- it flags 684-asti signature set asst

Small flags in detachable dispensers, signature set. Four different flags, 20 flags each printed wi..

$8.51 Ex Tax: $7.74

Post- it flags ds-420 designer dispenser clear/black

  flag dispensers are great for one hand dispensing. Mix and match your favourite flags to fit..

$9.61 Ex Tax: $8.74

Post- it memo cube 5431 73x73 with disp/holder

Notes cube, 3x3 size that includes a cube holder and organizer. Cube in assorted neon colors, 390 s..

$15.31 Ex Tax: $13.92

Post- it notes 2054-pp memo cube 76x76 pretty pink

Additional Information: Brighten someone’s day with fun, die-cut shaped notes. Add..

$8.40 Ex Tax: $7.64

Post- it notes 630ss 76x76 lined yellow

The original note featuring repositionable, touch down adhesive. Can easily be removed without da..

$31.36 Ex Tax: $28.51

Post- it notes 654ct 76x76 neon citrus

Stock up on Post-it® Notes in the perfect size for everything! Convenient 24-pack..

$33.76 Ex Tax: $30.69

Post- it notes 655-5pk 73x123 neon asst pk5

Get everyone's favorite Post-it(R) Notes in high-voltage neon colors. Repositionable adhesive won't..

$20.75 Ex Tax: $18.86

Post- it notes 655-5uc 73x123 ultra cols pk5

 Post it note in Ultra colour 100 sheets per pad 5 pads 73mm x 123mm..

$19.86 Ex Tax: $18.05

Post- it notes 659 98x149 yellow

World's #1 - Stick with the original! These Post-it® Notes are great for taki..

$7.39 Ex Tax: $6.72

Post- it notes 660 98.4x149 lined yellow

Keep your notes straight with these - the original rules with lines! Perfect for longer messages,..

$88.64 Ex Tax: $80.58

Post- it notes 660-3sst 98x149 asstd tropical pk 3

Post-it(R) Super Sticky Notes have a unique adhesive so your notes will stick securely to more surfa..

$22.64 Ex Tax: $20.58