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Correction Items

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Correction fluid marbig cover up

 COVER UP - Proven quality - it covers smoothly and dries quickly. Use to correct ..

$33.10 Ex Tax: $30.09

Correction tape marbig precise 4mmx8m

 The precise tape is narrower than standard correction tape- for greater control when in use ..

$3.49 Ex Tax: $3.17

Liquid Paper Correction Fluid 20mL

Liquid Paper Correction Fluid is perfect for keeping handy when you're writing or drawing in p..

$2.13 Ex Tax: $1.94

Liquid Paper Dryline Grip Correction Tape 5mm x 8.5m Green pk of 6

This Liquid Paper Dryline Grip Correction Tape makes it quick and easy to correct mistakes. It goes ..

$27.01 Ex Tax: $24.55

Liquid Paper Tape Marbig sidewinder 5mmx8m h/sell

  Ergonomically designed, fits snugly in the hand for easy application. Massage grip d..

$3.49 Ex Tax: $3.17

Liquid Paper Tape TOMBOW 4MMX10M side application

The original single line correction tape in a compact side applicator is easy to use. Gives preci..

$2.17 Ex Tax: $1.97

Correction fluid liquid paper bond white

Correction fluid White Bond Bottle      ..

$24.35 Ex Tax: $22.14

Correction pen liquid paper superfine needle pt 7ml

correction Gumpy pen 7ml pack of 12     ..

$47.12 Ex Tax: $42.84