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Heavy Duty Marbig Stapler 140 Sheets

Designed to cope with thick piles of paper with ease, stapling large quantities of paper, reports an..

$91.30 Ex Tax: $83.00

LEITZ Wow Half Strip Stapler Pink

These fashionable metal staplers are robust and reliablePatented direct impact technology ensures pe..

$50.68 Ex Tax: $46.07

PaperPro InPOWER+ 28 Premium Stapler Silver/Black

This PaperPro InPOWER+ 28 Premium Stapler will help to improve productivity thanks to its clever des..

$58.08 Ex Tax: $52.80


EXEL® 2100922 MERCURY STAPLER HD 120SHTS SLV/BLKManufactured in die cast metal, the Mercury Heavy Du..

$165.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Staple-less Staplers - Set of 2

You'll never run out of stapling power with these little gadgets on your desk. These staple-less sta..

$17.55 Ex Tax: $15.95

Stapler Remover Rexel Extract-It Black

Slim and lightweight remover offering a quick and effective way of removing standard staples from do..

$3.41 Ex Tax: $3.10

Stapler Rexel Electric Stella 30 Heavy Duty Silver/Black

Rexel's Stella 30 electric cartridge stapler is the compact and automatic solution to staple up to 5..

$470.01 Ex Tax: $427.28

Stapler Rexel Full Strip Plier Office 56 Premium Silver

Robust, heavy duty metal plier suitable for stapling office reports.Staples up to 12 sheets.Ergonomi..

$38.05 Ex Tax: $34.59

Stapler Rexel Stella 70 Electric

Rexel's Stella 70 Electric cartridge stapler is the hard working, automatic heavy duty stapler of th..

$798.47 Ex Tax: $725.88

Paperpro 1610 long reach Stapler

PaperPro spring powered staple driving mechanism allows you to effortlessly staple up to 25 sheet..

$56.07 Ex Tax: $50.97

Staple remover marbig claw

 Removes staples without damaging your document. Features a staple retainer to pre..

$1.65 Ex Tax: $1.50

Staple Remover Marbig Easy Glide Blue

 Easily removes staples without damaging your document. Includes convenient finger g..

$3.33 Ex Tax: $3.03