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Marbig Heavy duty staples 23/17

A stapler can only perform effectively if it has the right tools. Marbig staples have been engineere..

$46.20 Ex Tax: $42.00

Stapler OPTIMA 20 Electric Silver/Black

The Optima 20 Electric Stapler is a compact unit providing permanent jam-free stapling of up to 20 s..

$195.00 Ex Tax: $177.27

Staples MARBIG 26/6 -Box 5000

 Staples to suit most desk top staplers. ..

$2.62 Ex Tax: $2.38

Staples MARBIG No.10 Minis -Box 1000

Staples to suit most desk top staplers. ..

$0.87 Ex Tax: $0.79

Staples Rexel 23/10 Box 1000

Pack of 1000 staples designed specifically for the Rexel range of heavy duty staplers.FEATURES:Rexel..

$9.70 Ex Tax: $8.82

Staples Rexel 520E PK5000

Staple Cartridge contains bands of pins which are formed into staples by the machine during stapling..

$59.14 Ex Tax: $53.76

Staples STAT 26/6 -Box 5000

Quality staples are constructed from a fine steel for a superior performance and durability. These 2..

$2.60 Ex Tax: $2.36

Staples 26/6 bx5000

Quality staples made from strong wire to ensure consistent performance. Compatible with most office..

$3.30 Ex Tax: $3.00

staples marbig 26/8 5000's

StaplesStaples to suit most desk top staplers...

$7.62 Ex Tax: $6.93

Staples Rexel 16 24/6 Box 5000

 High quality staples for accurate trouble free stapling.FEATURES:Rexel high quality..

$15.50 Ex Tax: $14.09

Staples Rexel 56 26/6 Box 5000

Rexel high quality staplesManufactured from steel to precise standardsDeveloped for accurate trouble..

$4.13 Ex Tax: $3.76

Staples Rexel No.10 Box 1000

 Rexel high quality staples Manufactured from steel to precise standards Develop..

$1.24 Ex Tax: $1.12

Staples bambi 25 bx1500

Rexel high quality staples Manufactured from steel to precise standards Developed for accurate t..

$3.52 Ex Tax: $3.20