Overhead projectors

Overhead projectors

Overhead Projectors

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ASUS ZenBeam E1 Pocket LED Projector

~ASUS ZenBeam E1 Pocket LED Projector, 150 Lumens, Built-in 6000mAh Battery, Up to 5-hour Projection..

$484.00 Ex Tax: $440.00

S1 Asus Projector

~0.3"DLP,LED,WVGA 854x480,1000:1,200 Lumens,16.7 M,Silver ~Built-in 6,000mAh Battery – provides..

$568.70 Ex Tax: $517.00

Viewsonic LightStream™ Full HD Valued Projector

~PJD7720HD LightStream™ Full HD Valued ProjectorThe ViewSonic LightStream™ PJD7720HD 1080p valu..

$1,234.20 Ex Tax: $1,122.00

ViewSonic LightStream™ PJD6552LWS Projector

~Embrace Network World with Smart design Excellent for Business ApplicationThe ViewSonic LightSt..

$1,329.79 Ex Tax: $1,208.90